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Does your air conditioner run all the time even after the sun goes down without ever really cooling off your home ? this could be the result of poor roof ventilation proper roofing ventilation can reduce your attic temperature by up to 50 % and that can greatly increase the overall effectiveness of your whole cooling system while at the same time saving you money on your electric bill. Roofing ventilation can truly pay for itself its been estimated that over 60 % of all homes in Texas are under ventilated. So if your house is one of them give us a call here at Dry Roofing And Repair and we can start saving you money.

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How does a ventilator’s design make a difference in its long term effectiveness?

We incorporate the "Lomanco Balance", which simply means you get the maximum ventilating capacity and the best weather protection available. Let’s examine how this is achieved:

1)  Ridge Vents: For a ridge vent to work it must have an exterior baffle. Once the wind hits the baffle, it will create a low-pressure area around the ridge vent and pull air from the attic. Lomanco’s Omni Ridge shingle over ridge incorporates an exterior baffle the full length of the ridge vent. Plus, patented Omni baffles utilizes the winds when parallel to ridge vent.

2)  Whirlybirds®: Any ventilator with moving parts must provide longevity. The Whirlybird® turbine ventilator is a prime example of a well designed/ engineered product. It’s dual ball bearing system and weight load distribution enables Lomanco to offer a Forever Guarantee transferable from homeowner to homeowner. Remember if a turbine is not turning, it is not working!!

3)  Intake Vents: Lomanco’s under-eave vents incorporate an "eyebrow" designed opening to insure that the ventilator can not be crushed down closing off the ventilator capacity.

4)  Roof Louvers: The Lomanco 750 is engineered with a tall collar or stack. A ventilator is a lot like a chimney; the higher the stack, the better the draw. If you lower the stack, you get down drafts. Cubic Foot per Minute testing has proven the 750 to be superior to other 50 square inch vents on the market. In addition to its capacity to ventilate, the 750 is rain proof, snow proof, bird proof, and will not leave those unsightly discoloration circles on your shingles.

5)  Power Ventilators: The LomanCool 2000H comes complete with a built in thermostat and humidistat. Most power vents on the market today are equipped with thermostats and only operate when temperatures in your attic reach approximately 100 degrees. Since attic ventilation is required year around, a humidistat must be installed to activate the unit based on excessive moisture being present in the attic area.                       



Ventilation Special 2 Wind Turbine's $ 299.00 Installed

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